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My daughter will be 3 in October and I still nurse her in public.
well, I don't know if I count, but I'm answering anyway! We are US military, currently living in Germany. I subscribe to Mothering. Our PX doesn't carry it so I am glad I already had the subscription.
All I can say is that I got the MMR at 23 and had a severe reaction. Please read the package insert and ascertain that she is not allergic to any of the ingredients. In my case, we believe that the antiobiotic in the shot triggered the seizures, as I am allergic to most abx.
I am feelin' the <---- too cute! the banana has a life-partner. I've been trying to catch up on stuff here (at MDC) and I must say I am a little weirded out by how many names I DON'T recognize. And so many women who were pregnant when I left the States have new babies to cuddle. I've been engrossed by the birth stories. Well, I must tend to my demanding girl!
Simonee, FOUR hours? We were told it was about 7 hours to Amsterdam from here. We're going to make that our first train trip, because no way in hell are we driving that far! Actually, I'd love to visit with you. I don't know if I am brave enough to do it alone though. Sean is going to be away for 2 weeks starting tomorrow. Hmmmmm, maybe I can arrange boarding for the dog and then screw up the courage to get us across the border....... because god knows you don't want to...
Yes, he'll still deploy. We just lucked out with the timing because by the time we inprocessed and he got a class date for the predeployment training, the last flight to Iraq was going to be gone. So instead he is assisting with the reintegration of some of the 5000 soldiers who are returning to our post. There's no definite date set for our next deployment, but my best guess is that it will be sometime between 12-18 months from now. So we have a little breathing...
y'all are so nice! Thank you!!!!!!
We finally got our DSL connection and I am so flippin' happy to be back online! I've been logging in occasionally but haven't been able to read much, so I am a bit out of the loop. We still don't have any of our household goods. They are supposed to arrive no later than the 24th, so I am counting days until I get my bed back. The loaner bed we have is horrible and it looks like someone bled to death in it. The good news is that my dh got here too late to deploy to Iraq...
simonee, we are near the Mosel River, between Trier and Zell. It's called Baumholder. once I get my bearings I WILL be coming to Amsterdam!
Irishmommy, we had already received orders to Germany and had made all the arrangements to move prior to finding out about the deployment. We were told about the deployment about 1 week before we were to leave. I suppose I could have chosen to stay behind, but my house was already rented out so I would have had to find someplace to live. Plus, I thought that since he is going to Iraq it was important to have our family all together one more time in case it is the last...
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