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The homeopathic remedy manufacturers I think put together a kit.  I know I was offered the option to buy one from my homeopath a few years ago when I was going.  Here is a website describing what you could get to assemble one.   http://www.ahomeopath.com/firstaid.html   Peace   Kristine
I'm not a frequent poster here, but I like to lurk.   I've had a rough go of all-day pregnancy sickness till about 23 weeks, but I got pneumonia/bronchitis/some sort of respiratory thing for another 6 weeks starting at 21 weeks.  I'm starting to come out of it all (but still have food aversions, I'm not hungry, and have bad heartburn and acid reflux) and have been measuring 2 cm behind at my appointments.  At my 28 week appt (yesterday), I only measured 23 weeks,...
when you go in, make sure they check your white count.  If you're battling an infection somewhere, that should catch it.  I went through that horribly weak, lightheaded and shaky and chilly/feverish feeling stuff a few weeks ago--it was pneumonia.  Antibiotics made me feel a million times better, though I'm still coughing.  You could have any number of things, so you're wise to go back.   Take care, momma!   K
OMG....so funny!  My DH is crazy for bumps...he hates when I tell people because he thinks they will look at him funny, but I think it's adorable!
Lately, it's been less of a problem, but I can say that yes, this pregnancy I've had weird sleep and insomnia issues.  One thing different?  I don't eat well during the day and I'm not taking a good magnesium supplement (because of 24 hour crazy nausea).  Magnesium helps you sleep (work up to 200 mg at breakfast, lunch, dinner and before bed).  Don't take magnesium citrate, try magnesium gluconate ( or a magnesium complex)  from a high-quality manufacturer, not...
ditto etsdtm99....I have to have at least three slings--same ones for the same reasons.  The rest really are just crack.  :)
Choco Mom, just lucky, I guess.  :)   I am with you there.  Much less on the vomiting, but still randomly sick and way grossed out by most food.     My weight is still fluctuating 10-15 pounds below where I started.     Back and hips are still do-able, but I have a chest cold now.  I am going to try an onion poultice tonight if I can tolerate the smell.
A couple things:   1.  You have good lists above, so I won't rehash a lot. I've just learned you don't really need that much stuff.  Slings/wraps/carriers for sure.  Carseat, yep.  People will buy clothes and sleepers and onsies for you. My kids were crazy about vibrating hammocky-chairs (ours was some gaudy Fisher-Price thing, but they love it).  :)  And we had a gazillion bibs.  It's easier to change bibs then outfits everytime they spit up.  Last tip...we live in...
I'll be 39 in November.  Fourth pregnancy, third baby. I don't worry about much, but my m/c threw me for a loop and made me, for the first time, think this AMA thing is not a joke.  I've been very sick this pregnancy, which might be age, or it might be just this baby.  I'm ready to stop puking (at 17w 5d)!  It's fun to see so many of us here.  I sort of had assumed this group was all youngsters.  ;)   Kristine
Oh, and your remark about the birds and the bees made me laugh...the book starts out with a bird and a bee discussing where babies come from and the whole book has them sort of in the margins making color commentary or puns, or whatever.  It's funny, especially for slightly older kids...maybe 8-10, who get that sort of thing.   K
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