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I found out about MDC because Ani Difranco was on the cover of Mothering a couple issues ago and i LOVE her music! So once i saw her on the cover (and bought the mag. and ordered a subscription) i visited the website and found MDC and i've been addicted since haha!
sorry i haven't been around guys... i'm better i can eat now! Yay! I'm super tired though and have no motivation to leave my house... Shawna for sinus infection type sickness i was always made a special hot drink of real lemon juice and honey, heat it up HOT HOT HOT in the micro and inhale the steam from it should help a little, and once it cools some its good to sooth throats too if you like the taste. Otherwise i keep updates on my myspace about what is going...
I've noticed this lately and I remember from when i was pregnant with DD that i have very very very vivid dreams when i'm pregnant. These dreams are so vivid that i wake up even more tired because i've "been there" in my dreams. My DH says i'm not twitching or moving around much when i'm sleeping so its not like i'm tossing and turning. So far this week, Charlie Sheen has tried kissing me (eww), my 61 year old mother has been a pregnant heroin addict, i've stolen a...
I'm right there with you mama! Hormones are my "best" friend right now... and my DH is getting the brunt of it too.
I'm going to be driving about ___7_____ miles for Thanksgiving. (Who) _____Everyone is chiping in______ is doing most of the cooking. There are going to be (how many) ___7______ people there, and ____1___ of them are kids/babies. The person I'm most looking forward to see is ____The whole family______. The person I'm LEAST looking forward to see is ____No one______. I can't wait to pig out on ____Cranberrys!_______. I expect (who) ___Everyone______ to...
Hey everyone! I haven't forgotten about any of you i'm just trying to get threw this first part of pregnancy. I'm starting to feel alot better! I can eat now and i'm getting out but i'm still so tired, and now that i'm starting to show i'm feeling a little more uncomfortable when sleeping, i have to sleep with a pillow in between my knees which sucks because everytime i want to roll over i have to take the stupid pillow with me! : Oh well. Some day i'll be happy and...
so after posting that i wasn't showing all that much i woke up the next day and cried "what the heck is this? and when did this happen?" My DH rolled over and said "Whoa! You, ummm, grew!" So yeah i'm totally showing now, i'm in mostly maternity shirts and i can still fit into low rise jeans but i unbutton them by the end of the day... so yay! I'm showing!
BBQ Sauce and just looking inside the fridge. Too bad my DH LOVES bbq sauce!
I know how you all feel. I'm so tired and sick in the evenings! My DH thankfully LOVES to cook, but he always asks me what i want... which is NOTHING i just wanna puke! I have no patients for my DD and i have hound puppies that are into everything... i'm usually trying hard not to scream my head off. I hope we ALL feel better soon!
8w5d I swear i'm not showing in the tummy area, the bra are def. but my DH says i'm showing... my pants still fit so i don't know what i really look like... I just know i'm sick sick sick!
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