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My guess is it will focus mostly on the gay rights movement throughout US history and how it has affected other aspects of US culture. So it's not really going to be "Oscar Wilde was gay, DaVinci was probably gay, George Washington Carver was probably gay (or at least he liked giving massages to attractive young men)" but more of a "Two-sprited people were a known minority among Native Americans, being gay was once punishable by death in the US, the first public...
The totally random stuff that appears sporadically throughout the house. It just not home if I don't sometimes find a stuffed bat hanging in my closet, or an eyeball stress ball in the kitchen cupboards.
Boys can breastfeed their dolls too! I will convince myself that the problem people have with the doll in the US is caused by gender stereotyping play.
I get into a lot of arguments. Plus a series of threads I got sucked into back when I first started.   The only time I really look at post count is when I suspect someone is just trolling.
You might be able to contact the municipality and put in a complaint on property. If so, they will send someone over to check it out, issue a warning to the owners and if the owners don't fix the problem they will do it at the owners expense. So I'd check that out if I were you.
Uh, in regards to texting the house phone. It is possible if you have the right cell phone service. When you send the text, a server (I think) takes it, puts a call into the landline number and reads it out as a voice message. My cell phone lets me send texts to landlines in Canada and the US.
Just because this thread reminded me of it and it might cheer you up. http://www.snopes.com/autos/law/noplate.asp   I'm glad you got it sorted out and hopefully there will be no more problems with it.
So I guess we can take that to mean you do support Alive and Well's overall purpose then. Because that is what we want to know. It's better the be up front about what you believe than try to hide it with diplomatic responses. Do I agree with the organization? No, but I am willing to respect that some people feel that way. I am, however, unable to respect someone who can't or wont state clearly what they do believe. Which is exactly what you are doing in this thread, Ms....
3.   From what I can tell of the pictures, it looks like it will be the easiest for me to read.
As long as it's 5 o'clock somewhere in the world, you can drink!
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