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  I agree with the first part. The second part, not so much. I don't think it is an either or situation. You can be your child`s parent and their friend, you just have to remember that sometimes being a parent is more important than being a friend.  
They do that because people make mistakes. I know I've accidentally clicked "shut down" and the computer didn't bother asking if I really wanted to shut down, so I had to wait for it to shut down, and then start it again. Takes a lot more time than clicking "yes".  
Asking valid questions is not harassment.
Limabean, it's entirely possible that you friend just didn't want to admit to you that she hates the show. I know from experience that the usual response to "I don't like Saturday Night Live" is "Are crazy?"
People that insist on eliminating letters from words because... Well I don't know why.   I dnt wan 2 C dis from ppl.
NFP is birth control, and an effective one too when it's used properly. Quiverfull couples won't use NFP because they don't consider it leaving pregnancy up to God.    
I live near hills, forests, and trees, as well as beaches, agricultural land, mountains, and a few big cities.
And if you want to support parents making informed choices about mandatory medicine, isn't it best to work through an organization or group that doesn't operate solely to discredit, not just the medication, but the disease as well? 
Do you realize that Alive and Well argues that HIV does not cause AIDS by using out of date, incomplete or inaccurate information, and by claiming that AIDS is just the name given to 29 common illnesses despite the fact that at least one of these 'common' illnesses is not at all common in individuals with a healthy immune system?
I guess so... Pie is fun to make.
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