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My kids so far, are growing up just the way they are supposed to (in other words, naturally).
It was my birthday cake so the last piece belonged to me. I let it sit in the fridge for a while, taunting anyone who went in there!  
No more cake in my house... It was gone in three days.
Just curious if we are going to get a response/update on this.     
They sure ain't mine... I prefer lace thongs.
Grounded means the electricity has a clean, low resistant path to the ground, so the metal tracks are what make it grounded. As for people touching the train on the inside getting a jolt, it won't happen unless you are made of a more conductive metal than the train is, and there is nothing between the ground you and the metal being struck by lightning (like, no cheap plastic siding, no ugly reddish carpet, etc).   If your interested (and are able to watch...
Snapdragon, a train is basically a grounded metal box. Strange as it sounds, that makes it surprisingly safe to be inside. The electricity won't feel the need to go anywhere but the metal. Which means anything (and anyone) inside is safe. So, don't stand on the roof and you'll be fine. Your biggest danger is if you are the one who's grounded.
Or stuck in one of the legs near the ankle.
...Or from what supporting the topic actually means?  
  My name is musiciandad and I'm an astraphobic.   My way of dealing with it is usually music, preferably an MP3 player so I don't have to hear anything, and the curtains closed tight so I don't have to see anything. Luckily though, thunder storms are few and far between here and are generally very low key. I got stuck in the middle of an Ontario thunder storm once and it was horrible!
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