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Just about to point out the mistake on that site too, but D_McG beat me to it.  
Paper cuts and lemon juice...  
  That, most of the people I know, DH and I included, will only go all out on food if it's a special party and meant to be expensive. Family or close friends coming over, we will buy some things if we know they have preferences, or want to make something specific, but a lot of food that gets put out for pre/post dinner eating will be not overly expensive but something we can make nice or stuff we have with us. Whether you take your BYO item with you when you leave or not...
Reminds me of a story my dad always loved to tell people. Once when I was about 5 (think anyway), he and my grandpa took my brother and I out crab trapping. I managed to catch two (plural is important here). So when we get back home, I had to announce to my grandma "I have crabs!" I couldn't figure out why everyone started laughing, and no one would explain it...
Now if girls could learn how to do it well... A true pun works spoken and written...   For instance...   A miniature pony walks into a bar. The bartender asks "What can I get you?" The pony mumbles something quietly.  The bartender says "You'll have to speak up". The pony mumbles something again, this time a little louder. The bartender leans over and says "I still can't hear you". The miniature pony replies "I'm sorry, I'm just a little hoarse".
And really, what does Paris Hilton know about commas anyway?
You'll make no headway with parts of speech... The really fun words are ones that can be used logically in any part of a sentence...
Oxford comma is not a requirement in the English language and those who use British English can take or leave as they please!
Well studies have shown that a woman's IQ drops after child birth... I'm iffy on believing that though, since the bell curve for IQ changes frequently.
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