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Cake, lesbian love affairs, more cake, apple and blueberry crumbles, and hippies.   So, pretty much the same as it always was.
Don't worry, I'll bring my trusty "No Tresspassing" sign and have dd intercept hippie on our property. She speaks their language.  
We could switch homes... It's summer here!  
Morning, even though it's the middle of the night here! Nothing new over this way.
I have apple crumble... But it's all mine!
I think MDC needs to add to their UA that you won't be able to discuss/debate anything that has been posted/printed previously if you disagree with the side the Mothering promoted.
  I've read a couple of older threads on this, and the more recent "Cure for AIDS" thread. But none of them answered this particular question. (Question being, Mothering's stance on AIDS). Though to be fair, I don't think I've finished any of those threads because the idiocy and ignorance of HIV/AIDS the denialists/curists have is at best nauseating.     
Try not to get hurt running into the monitor screen.  
Give me a triple. I need the buzz.
New Posts  All Forums: