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It's all the poppers!     Though, the poster that mentioned that is now claiming that AIDS is real and you can cure it by drinking industrial bleach...  
It's like the time Sesame Street in South Africa was working on adding an HIV+ muppet and people over in the US started accusing them of a pro-gay agenda. The muppet in question was like, a 10 year old female and not even going to appear in the US version.
Silly faerie, you don't live in my home, you live in my computer...   Other people living in my home are people other than me. It looks less crazy to get a hug from one of them, than to give myself a hug.
Rule 34...   http://xkcd.com/305/
MD does not require a hug. At least not from any of you. If I want a hug I can just ask one of the other people living in my home.
Curious how we all "know" this since I don't remember either of them being given an age.
My lady friends! I almost missed your homoerotic flirting!
I always love it when "listening to God" is considered non-religious... Really makes me curious about the definition of "God" and when it became secular...  
Michelle nurses when her baby is hungry as far as I can tell. Even it it's in the middle of a crowded public place. Granted she pulls out that bib thing so she can do it modestly.
What I've heard her say is that she usually knows she's pregnant because the one currently on the breast can no longer get enough.    
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