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I'm sure there are people out in the world who would take this and run with it claiming "See people survive rabies, I don't need to take my kid in to get vaxed!"   Ignoring the fact that there are only six known cases of people surviving rabies.
Just because you are so effing special, doesn't mean the laws don't apply to you.
And the people who insist that Fido or Fifi is the best trained dog in the world, but won't even come when called and takes a dump inside the store the dog just ran into despite being called back repeatedly by the owner (who, BTW, just leaves the mess for the store employees to clean up).
People seem to have forgotten what "no pets allowed" means...
All right then, I also think Mothering needs to follow their own UA then. Here and other places designed to connect the posters and other people who follow Mothering's ideas and their website.    
I voted other. I like the minimal moderation, but I do think that there are a couple of more things that could be outlined as against the rules, like hardcore swearing (if we're gonna get in trouble for the F word, or swearing constantly then you may as well say it right?), as well as the "no homophobia, sexism, racism, sizism, etc" stuff that was part of the UA before.
The only part of quiverfull that they aren't is Evangelical Christian, they're Baptist. As for everything else? Well if the shoe fits...
Maybe...   It depends on the child. Gender differences in learning tend to be generalized by teachers and if I know my child doesn't learn the way his or her gender is 'supposed' to learn, I'm not going to stick them in a single gendered class just so the girls can be "quiet little workers" or the boys can be "active little learners".
Finding out that photos of you as a child have been used as pornography is emotionally and psychologically damaging. If someone takes those photos and your girls grow up and find out that those photos have been shared by pedophiles for their enjoyment, it will have an impact on their life.   But then I am of the mind set that there really needs to be more regulation regarding the photography of strangers, particularly children, if only so people have some control over...
Clothes have little to do with it. She could be covered head to toe with not an inch of skin showing and still provide "temptation" to perverts.
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