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Two words...   Paris Hilton.   She, at some point, decided she wanted a Chihuahua. Then she decided "this dog is so cuuuuute, I bet everyone wants to see it, everywhere I go. At the mall, and the salon, and the beach, and the clubs!" So she started popping this dog in her purse. With in a few years, it seemed to be that "dog in purse" was no longer "people hauling their pets along to places they shouldn't be" and became "cutest. accessory. ever."
One thing we need to remember about invisible audience... Just because it's a teen who feels like she/he is being watched by someone and it's creeping them out, doesn't mean that it's all in his/her head. There are plenty of people out there who think it's perfectly ok to ogle a teen, and the teen (usually female) has a right to say "some weird guy is staring/taking pictures/acting weird to me, how can I make it stop?" And be heard, and believed. No matter what she/he is...
Ya know what? Far as I know everyone has a different idea of acceptable. Where I'm from? Adults swear, maybe not every other sentence, but when a word needs to be strong enough, it's considered appropriate to cuss. And no one gives a damn either.  
Ok, while I feel bad for the grandfather, I don't think that "if you don't want people looking/taking pictures of you, you should cover up" is the way to deal with it. Hostly, I don't really agree with cameras at the public pool just because you can never tell who the parents/grandparents are and who the people trying to take pictures of kids/people in swimsuits are. Your niece is not responsible for other peoples behaviour, she is apparently responsible enough to tell...
  But they haven't gone the way of the dodo, there are people in this very thread who feel it is important to teach their son's to treat women like children in that very manner. You are right that they are rooted in the same inequities as other issues that discriminate against women. I am thinking (hoping?) that you and I are actually on the same page here. It seems so. I'm simply arguing that there are certain "rules" that I won't teach my children (like men need to walk...
On the topic of the old UA, I'm still smarting from the time I got warned, twice, about talking about the MDC layout in a thread other than the one specifically designed for concerns, questions, and suggestions...   I just made a random comment, that met none of those qualifications, but apparently the first rule of MDC used to be "You don't talk about MDC, even in MDC."   I for one am happy they so thoroughly weeded out the UA.
Thank you for getting it.  
And I thought the days of opening doors for women, waiting for women to go through a door first, walking closest to the road, had gone the way of the dodo. I also thought that people could understand the difference between "etiquette" and "unequal division of labour in the home"... But apparently, neither of those things are true.    
1, 2, 3 - Not etiquette. 4 - No longer considered "proper etiquette" to most people. Unlike, apparently, holding to door for a woman, opening a car door for a woman, standing up when a woman enters the room...   Sorry but there is a difference between "unequal division of labour in the home" and "manners".  
Because they are human and humans have a tendency to be stupid.
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