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I voted other. It's not legal, and burning the CD to give to others who want a copy is unethical IMO. On the other hand, I have nothing against music sharing in situations like limewire. My experience in the music industry is if you are good at what you do, the number of people who download your music free is usually compensated by those that find one or two songs, like what they hear and then proceed to buy the whole CD from a legal source (store or iTunes).
A little late for this. My advice is always "don't assume that because everyone else had a painful experience, you will too". When I got mine out, the worst side effect I had was feeling dizzy when I bent over for the rest of the day from the anesthetic they gave me.
Other... Both of those terms bug me, but for different reasons. Dookie just doesn't sound like it has any meaning at all, and the other one is just so cutesy and babytalkish that I can't ever bring my self to say it.
Never been a huge fan of South Park, I've been unable to even watch it again after the creators were down right nasty about Family Guy.
Yup, he switched drinks around the same time Seth MacFarlane switched drinks.
Brain doesn't drink martinis anymore. He switched to Jack Daniels a while back.
And if they pass it, it was just luck. 
Family Guy requires a certain type of sense of humour. Lots of people don't get it or find it funny. Personally I love it. So does dh.
Toddlers are strange and interesting little creatures, aren't they? This is why they are so darn cute, otherwise we'd all just lose it with our kids and they'd never make it past toddlerhood.
If you read the original post, you will find that the teacher was in fact female. It's not as if they just send a bunch of girls with only men to look after them.
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