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I dont control to what kind of music my daughter(14) listens too, i dont want to be like own mother, but here are some sugesstions, which by the way my daughter is really into, and you cant blame the music becuase of the way she's acting either. Try: Poets of the Fall and MGMT, they're nice..
Why did you pick the school you picked? My oldest daughter was there during her elementary and 2 years of her JR high, my son was there until 2nd grade, we couldn't afford it so he was in a new school last school year but now he's back in with our 2 daughter. It's the best in the city, and great english program Are you happy with your choice? Yes Public or Private? Private Secular or Religious? Religious - Catholic Specialised (charter, etc) ...
I live in Mexico, so where should i start?? oh yeah.. Remeber there are no tall people in Mexico, and all Mexicans are dark. I went to Germany years ago and when i said "I'm Mexican" they told me "You're way too civlized to be Mexicans, i thought they didnt had cellphones there" We should wear pigtail braids all the time We all wear sombreros Our ultimate dream is to live in the US etc etc. too much to list here. Oh and we eat beans all the time...
Quote: Originally Posted by Indigo73 no air conditioning omg, here we'll die wtihout it, it's too hot and fans are not enough and they air outside is as hot as it can get
DD and I went to watch the Dark Night on Saturday.
I do knock my DD's door, she wants privacy, i didnt had any privacy growing up as our house was small and i shared a room with my mom, it was horrible i didnt had any privacy at all and my grandpa never knocked when he wanted to get in and my mom thought he didnt need to:
DD(14) went to her first concert alone at 12, she saw Creedence, she's been to a lot of concerts, she went a Metallica concert in Tucson months ago as well. I will let her go.
I don't know what I will do if I have twins, again, I'll probably cry and die I mean 7 kids. This is going to be our last one. Personally i adore my twins, but i can't picture myself with another set.
I know it's a little bit too soon, but any of you mammas have thought of how are you going to name your baby(ies)??? Do you have some options? DH and I were talking about it yesterday, we're hoping for a boy this time as we have 4 girls already but if it's a girl it will be wonderful as well:. Here are some names that we have in mind for a girl: Leonor Lila Irene Artemisa Hizmene ( but it doesn't really fit with our last name) Azeneth For a...
My vote goes to Anaise, it sounds so pretty!!
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