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We have curriculum, workbooks, math games, phonic games, videos, computer games etc. DD & DS are not required to use any of it. They pick & chose if/when they want to use it with no strings attached. Curriculum is just another tool for us like the afore mentioned. I don't understand why some unschoolers think it's so bad to have curriculum.
Skip! I refuse to do them at my children's parties.
One of my good friends was homeschooled & she is a nurse. She works evenings so she can homeschool her own children. I also know 2 young women who were homeschooled. Both (sisters) recieved scholarships to college (BYU & BU). The sister who is at BU actually corrects her dorm floor friends college papers (grammatical errors, punctuation, etc.) & they pay her for it. So far she's a boat load of $$ The sister who is at BYU just got into a very prestigious music program.
I think both are great names. I really don't think you can protect your kids from these things. Sure having a differnt names sort of *asks for name calling* but both DH & I have normal everyday names & guess what? We both got our names turned into bizzarre things that I'm sure neither of our parents could have ever thought of. I say go for what you & Dh like & piss on anyone else.
I'm in MA as well & I originally called the Worcester council to get info. b/c I couldn't find anything about a council in my area (south of Boston). I called 4 different times & left messages looking for information. A month went by & NO one called me back. It was beyond irritating. Sadly, it was only when I left an irritating & rude message that someone got back to me & put me in touch with the Middleboro office. Had I not had 4 girls already lined up for our Daisy...
I am due to have surgery in June. My dilemma is on whether or not I should tell my DC. DD5.5 has been having terrible dreams over the past 4 months. All of them involve the death/loss of myself or her Daddy. She's even become a lot more clingy & insists that we should all be together all the time. I realize that this is very common for her age. I'm just fearful that I may fuel her anxiety by telling her the truth. Of course, I have no idea what I would tell her since...
No. Dh & I order water or ice tea when we're out & the kids have the same. It's never in our house no matter the occasion.
Just finished this book & it touched me deeply. Everyone should read this.
Duxbury has everything you're looking for, except the affordable housing. Although you may be able to find a cottage or small ranch for your price range. Average housing price is closer to $600,000. We have an AMAZING beach, great schools, wonderful kids programs & countless amenities(Our library is phenomenal) Taxes are high though. Some describe the town as Deluxbury because you're definetly dealing with a lot of people who are extremely wealthy, however there are...
For the majority of people I think finding balance is a farce. Of course, we all have different ideas of what balance is. For myself balance means slowing down the rat race of life. For DH it would be making more $$ so we could live with more of life's conveniences. The only time I have ever felt what I consider to be true balance was when I had help form family; someone to watch the kids, someone to drop by & help out with something; just knowing they were there to...
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