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I've used CM mostly for 6 years & never had any issues. My cheaper albums from Michael's haven't held up so well So I'm sticking with CM.
Max-I'm just using an acrylic yarn I had picked up for DD for crafts. Once I get the hang of this (it's coming slowly) I'll experiment with some woll or maybe even cotton. I'm not sure. I haven't read anything about which fibers are easier to work with. Once this scarf is done I want to learn to purl & read directions. I'm finding my #9 needles very comfortable. DD has #13 & those are much too big for me.
Oooooo...I'll join. I just started knitting last week. Max- I'm also using knittinghelp. It's how I learned casting on. The actually knitting part came from a friend who showed me. Now I've got the hang of it pretty well. I'm knitting a small scarf for DD. It's my 4th attempt b/c I have also dropped stitches or lost them somehow on the needles & then I can't figure out what to do next. So it's all slow going for me. I'm going to check ot your other...
I actually just tried this, in an attempt, to lower my never lower than $100 electric bill. I washed dishes for 1 mo. No dishwasher AT ALL. I was really hoping for a $40 decrease but it only dropped $20 . It actually really sucks b/c I spent SO much time washing dishes throughout the day that for $20 it so didn't seem worth it. Our dishwasher isn't old but it's not new either. I'm going back to the dishwasher.
Quote: Originally Posted by earthgirl I'm in Boston, too. You can't find what you've described here. You could hit the suburbs, but as others have said it would be close to a million, easily. I agree w/ YesandNo, it's totally worth it to live here. Oh, and to the OP, I really don't think you could get anything here for $200,000. You might be able to find a 1 bedroom condo for that. Exactly! In my Boston suburb what you just purchased would...
We had the same issue & I just couldn't take it anymore so now DS3 stands on my feet & he now stands to pee. It's been much easier for us. He pushes in his bellybutton slightly & this sort of lifts his penis & he aims for the bowl. I still have to help him a bit but it's SO much better than when he was sitting.
I take pictures of ALL their art projects. Then I print them as wallet sizes & put them in their scrapbooks ( & yest the scrapbooks have many pages of crafts). I've also made magnets with them by laminating them & putting them on the refer. It's just so much easier to have 20 wallet size art projects on my refrigerator than 6 whole sheets of paper. I also have a clothes line on the wall (from IKEA) that has pretty little pins & we can hang up to 20 pictures on that. A...
Quote: Originally Posted by Whistler I'd like to learn to grow things but I need to do it in such a way that I don't have to bend over for long periods. Any ideas? Raised beds? Check out this book Whistler. I'm going to try my black thumb at gardening this spring using these methods. I really enjoyed this book. Lots of great tips. http://www.amazon.com/Square-Foot-Ga...7325772&sr=8-2
Quote: Originally Posted by annettemarie I missed this before, sorry! So, can a judge decide to give one parent say in one area if he feels the first parent isn't acting in a child's best interest? Or can he appoint a guardian ad litem to get to the bottom of things? I'll admit, this isn't my area of expertise. When my parents divorced, they pretty much split us down the middle, Parent Trap style. My dad made all the decisions for me, my mom made all the...
Nope. I stay with my 5 yr. old for all parties.
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