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Just a side question. Are there really that many agencies that still have "waiting lists"? By that I mean do they really list you in order of when you started the process? I have done 2 open adoptions, the birthmother picked us in both situations. There is a "list" of potential parents but not a waiting list that has any order to it. I honestly didn't think agencies did this any more.
The OP used the word trauma - that's why I questioned it. And I am not sticking my head in the sane, of course my children will have questions - they already do, but I would not classify that as trauma. I guess I just think the original post sounded like normal baby behavior and I would never have thought of rebirth as a solution to a baby crying when getting out of the bath. And to mybabiesmama - Congrats on finalization!
Let's just say that I have lurked for quite a while and this post about Trauma brought me out. I am not argueing that adoptive children "can" suffer loss. I think I am more of the camp that not all adoptees suffer a loss. I have 2 children by the miracle of adoption and I see nothing related to loss or trauma in either one of them. It just stikes me as odd that someone would want to treat a loss or trauma that hasn't actually occured yet. Believe me, I am thankful...
Quote: Originally Posted by pumpkingirl71 Wow, I take it you are not an adoptive mom? No one is implying that nurses don't take good care of their patients. Babies and children need mothers, not nurses. My daughter was cared for by a medical foster mom and nurses from the time that she was 5 months until she came home to us at 23 months. We are so thankful for their loving care, but she did suffer from NOT having a mother during that time. At four...
Trauma of being adopted - really???
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