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I did that, too, redveg. At this point, she only approves two photos for me to share so that is what I have up on my page. I hope she will become more generous with time!
Thank you so much, friends!
My 15 y/o daughter recently insisted that I remove nearly every last photo of her from my FB page. I am realizing that she is very particular about how/where/when she shares herself (she has lots of photos of herself on her own FB page). It's kind of a bummer for me because my out-of-state friends want to know what I've been doing for the past 15 years and I don't have anything to show for it in the form of photographs. I complied with her request, however, and I'm...
Oh, and also our trampoline. It's been the best 'toy' investment of them all by leaps and bounds.
Awesome! Thanks for the list, mama.
Thanks for the feedback, mamas. I'm needing a grain-free cat food, so the Chicken Soup brand won't work. As far as the feeding less because-of-denser-food idea goes -- I'm not seeing a difference in the volume of what they were eating before (Bench & Field dry) and what they're eating now (a mix of Instinct wet & dry). Hopefully, after a couple of months of time, I'll notice differently. It may be too soon to tell.
Organic food and supplements.
So, does everyone around here who has several pets in their family just have very high pet food expenses every month? It is looking like I will be spending around $60-80/month for our two cats and we're going to be adopting a German Shepherd in a few months, so, by my calculations, that figure will likely double. I'm guessing now that there are no discount places to get better prices on the higher quality/grain-free brands. I definitely get that this diet is...
Thank you! I'll go reserve those from the library right now!
That is a good point, greenmagick. Would you mind sharing how you do the raw thing?
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