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Oh yeah . . salt! Good idea, Cristeen! And why do you recommend the upside down part? Is it to get the flame going right into the pot? Would placing it upside down on a gas stove burner achieve the same result, do you think?
Hi, all. I just want to pop in and say hi. I am a Tucson gardener. I'm actually growing my first in-ground garden after 21 years of gardening in Tucson in above-ground beds. The soil on our land is like clay and there is surprisingly no caliche here. Everything we're growing is doing pretty well . . . except for the basil (I posted another thread about it here before seeing this thread). For those who are growing basil, how is it doing right now?
It could be from being transplanted, then. I moved them into the garden bed a couple of weeks ago. They all look fine but their leaves are just really tiny. I keep waiting for them to grow larger . . . Thank you so much for the advice, mamas.
I am wondering if this pot can be saved. I have a great cast iron pot that I found at a thrift store years ago. At one point a while back, my kids took it out to their outside play kitchen and it was somewhat forgotten about for a few years. Now I am wondering if it's possible to ever get this extreme level of rust off of it so that it can be used for cooking again. Got any tips?
Welcome, friend!
Lillitu, thank you so much for all the information. It is making a lot of sense to my intuition that cats should not have grains. I will check out those brands you've mentioned. Quote: Originally Posted by 2xy Cats evolved in hot, desert climates. From what I've read, cats don't drink much unless it's super hot....most of the liquid they get comes from the fresh meat they eat. I think maybe the modern house- or barn-cat suffers because they don't...
So, when you imagine experiencing the old feelings you feel frightened and then have images of being 'stuck in crazy'. Am I correct in my understanding that you experience panic either way -- when you think about experiencing those feelings as well as when you try to avoid them?
Thank you so much for that info, sbgrace. I'm going to check it out.
Oh, you guys are awesome. I love how thorough this information is - thank you all! So far, my multiple attempts at feeding our two cats raw - meat/organs/bones resulted in 100% waste. The one cat that is currently recovering from near-death bladder crystals is only 1.5 years old but still already very set in his preferences, apparently, and the other cat is over 3 years old. Yes, I was disappointed to see the ingredients list of the SD kibble. It's got a lot of...
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