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Well, it must be something else because we live in the Sonoran desert where it is always very sunny, already 100 degrees and we have very little rain in general.
I have planted several starter basil plants in my very fertile, in-ground veggie patch. Everything else I've planted is growing big quickly. The starters are somewhat close to other things but not so close that the other things are stunted. Does basil need extra space - more than other species - in order to grow big?
Oh, wow, this is really good information, thank you. What kind of raw foods are practical for everyday feeding? Yes, I was disappointed about the SD recommendation because I like the ingredients in B&F better -- but they're both dry foods.
Quote: Originally Posted by sbgrace You need a vitamin D level or start supplementing (9,000 IU of D3 per day is safe indefinitely) 9,000 IU daily indefinitely is safe? Do you have any links or more info on this? I want to learn more.
OP, I think you're an amazing woman. I see a lot of clear thinking and planning going on in the thoughts you've expressed here. I am impressed with your wisdom. Keep up the good work.
Our sweet little one year old kitty almost died from a plugged bladder due to crystals that had formed in his urethra. We are so thankful he is with us and alright. I want to do everything I can to minimize the chances that he'll have any more problems with crystals even though the vet said that this can be a lifelong issue for some cats. She said the best thing to do in this situation is feed him Science Diet or Iams cat food. We have been feeding our cats Bench &...
Quote: Originally Posted by cmhermes You are right. What is the worst that will happen? I guess as a person with control issues (i.e. eating disorders, ocd) I'm afraid I will lose control of my emotions. Pushing past that is so essential to my health right now. I guess its time to call the old therapist up (btw, been in therapy since I was 12. I know its a lifelong process). I've been in this place before and almost killed myself with starvation to try to...
So amazing!!
Sweetheart, what is the worst that could happen if you felt those feelings?
Quote: Originally Posted by Lady Mayapple But, my pessimistic tendencies force me to ask this question-What happens when my children are old enough to ask about this grandma and ask why she doesn't want to see them? How do you approach that situation without hurting them? In my experience, the children were far less-affected than I was with my story of them as victims and their grandparent as the inflictor. I also noticed that my painful...
New Posts  All Forums: