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Quote: Originally Posted by cschick Has anyone taken up the toilet to make sure the wax seal is functioning correctly? What kind of floor do you have? Oh, yeah. Do you have baseboards in the bathroom, and have you pulled them away from the wall to check if there's mold underneath? In a humid environment like a bathroom, moisture can get trapped under baseboards and the mold can grow there. That is a good question about the wax seal. No, the...
Thank you for the replies. Gosh, this is getting really frustrating. Still can't seem to find it. Thanks for the suggestion about checking for water behind tiles, that is one that hadn't occurred to me yet nor had been suggested. However, there seems to be no water behind or around the tiles in the walls (I pushed on all of them and none of them moved at all - they appear to be totally dry). Quote: Originally Posted by...
Wow, it is amazing how similar the feedback is on LG appliances in general, everywhere I look. I have read a huge amount of reviews just like yours - they all say the appliances look impressive but are basically junk when it comes to performance. So, now I definitely know which brand NOT to buy!
That is very good to know, thank you. They sure look impressive. It seems like there are so many brands that are promoted and approved of simply because of the brand name, you know? I am thankful to be learning about which features matter most to me and to have those intentions guiding my search.
Thank you, that is good to know. I am seeing your experiences pretty consistently in the reviews I've been reading, too.
Wow, those are very awesome...
Is it working well for you? What do you like/not like about it?
Ok, so are there other kinds of dishwashers anyone wants to recommend?
I am checking out an LG stainless steel dishwasher. Anyone have one of these? What is your experience with it? Have another brand or model you'd recommend more?
So, an infrared camera can do the work? Because I've had two plumbers and a handyman out. They've checked high and low and can't find the leak. I know there is one however because the bathroom smells like mold (and I'm not the only one smelling it - there have now been half a dozen people to confirm my suspicion!). We've so far ruled-out that it's a pressurized pipe that's leaking because the water meter isn't moving around when there's no water turned on. It...
New Posts  All Forums: