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DS has amazing bright blue eyes, if the person is older they comment on his eyes like Paul Newman. Otherwise, it's the blonde hair and the skinny little guy about equally.
DH is 1/8 Filipino and looks it, he's just a bit more hairy than the rest of his family. His little brother (same Filipino dad, different mom) is blonde and lanky. I am caucasian, dark hair, green eyes, and DS is long and skinny, blonde hair blue eyes. DH's half sister is Irish, her ex is Hawaiian, she has two sons. One is dark, skinny, dark hair, dark eyes, the other looks straight Irish. There's no telling what you'll get, that's the magic of genes.
DS went through a stage where he would only be happy standing. I learned to hold him with my body so that I could eat. His feet would be on my leg, his back resting against my chest, one arm in front of him. I would have to sit pretty upright, but it worked. Mine would have been stopped by nothing. When he was lying in bed waking up, he would arch his back and push his feet on the bed and cry until I let him stand. When he started that he was less than 2 months old, so...
I've not been on MDC much, I pop in every once in a while to see how my old ddc is doing Malachi is not crawling yet (7.5 months), he's super skinny and his head is huge, which seems to hamper things a bit. He can sit but doesn't want to, and he'll put his head down, scoot his toes, pick his head up, and try to reach the thing. He can get almost anywhere by rolling though. He's big on 'talking', and has recently discovered his tongue big time. He has one tooth, and he...
DS is about 7.5 months. He can sit but doesn't want to, and can't crawl yet. He can get anywhere by rolling enough, and tries to crawl but has to put his head down to do it (skinny guy, big head), so he only inches forward. He 'talks' constantly, has been on the 'mama blahblah' kick for over a month. He loves sticking out his tongue, if he hears a noise he searches frantically until he finds what it was. He picks big things up with his hand and little things up with a...
When we got my cat, she was rough and wanted to scratch at things, so we found softpaws.com. Softpaws are soft plastic caps that glue on to cat's nails, just front or both front and back. DS isn't crawling yet, but he scoots around and the cat won't move, so she gets pulled on a bit. Once he can crawl I plan to get softpaws again, but I'll get clear ones (when we had them when she was young, she'd leave blue on and pull off pink, so I figure if they're clear or white she...
I did backyard fireworks...no screamers, and I covered his ears for bangs and turned away for flashes. He cuddled and was happy though He'll turn his head up so he can stare at lights as we go through the grocery store though, so I didn't expect the brightness to bother him lol
When I was a teen I was anemic, and could pull hair out by the handful. I got healthy and it stopped. After DS was born I was losing hair like crazy, so I bought a bottle of floradix. By the time the bottle was empty I was back to losing none or very little. I stopped the loss early enough that I still have nice thick hair like I have my whole life.
I got a TrueFit last autumn, baby came in December, and at some point the small cushioned headrest was lost. He's almost 7 months now and hates the recline in the seat, so I took the main body padding out but now his neck needs something for when he falls asleep and I can't find the piece. Is there a way to order a replacement part, or do you have a friend who recently totaled a TrueFit?
DS is 5 months, he's been sleeping 6-8 hours for the past twoish months. He sometimes sleep-nurses once in the middle of the night, but not usually. Our problem is that he has night and day switched...he goes to sleep at 6am and then sleeps 8 hours lol
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