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ok thanks for the replies. i called the dr again today and they agreed to do a stool sample, so hopefully we can do that soon & get some info. if it is a virus, would he be contagious still?
I did take him to our family doc on Tues and the allergist on Wed. Neither really knew what to tell me. : (
Help! I'm feeling desperate. My ds1 started with diarrhea & vomiting about 3 weeks ago, more or less. The diarrhea is daily, explosive. He isn't going that many times in a day, maybe 2, but it's totally liquid. The vomiting started, just at night, not daily, just every couple days. Sometimes goind 3 or 4 days in between vomiting. But the last couple days he's been vomiting daily. He was up for a while last night puking, then again this morning when he tried to eat...
Quote: Originally Posted by tanyalynn Are you eliminating eggs? Cause I love this recipe.... http://healthyindulgences.blogspot.c...th-secret.html There's a yellow cake version elsewhere on the same blog. The recipe is for cake, but I've only made it as cupcakes since that worked best for us. I shared the cupcakes with my homeschooling group, most don't have any dietary restrictions, and they all thought they were normal. awesome. thx. ...
Quote: Originally Posted by sbgrace If it's a gluten reaction or gluten intolerance both are going to be an issue. If it's a wheat allergy spelt might be ok. My son can eat spelt but I'm careful with it and he eats it in rotation as I consider it pretty allergenic though I don't know if my perception is accurate. Since you're trying to track down allergies via ed I wouldn't use something like spelt. Not sure about gluten at this point and the...
I'm getting ready to start an elimination diet for my 3 yo ds1. I'm taking out wheat, but wondered if I can use spelt or not? Seems like I heard them described as "cousins" - just wondering if most people who react to wheat can tolerate spelt or not? tia.
I'll have to look into this for ds1. He's also 3.
nak - going to go back & check the link & info mamas. ty!!!! going to do an elimination of the listed foods for now and see how he does. and going to get a blood test to see if gluten is an issue. i hope not. thanks again!
yup. I just came back to post that it's on right now! I'm curious how they'll slant it.
Seems like I remember seeing that there was going to be a program on NIP on sometime tonight, but now I don't remember if it was like 20/20 or one of those shows where they have actors and watch for how people react... anyone know? did i miss it?
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