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Hard to say for sure, since I almost never take it off, but it seems like it helps! Gave a bracelet to my mom for her wrist arthritis - we'll see what she says. Anyway, it's pretty!
Yes - start looking for sales now. It's nice to have stuff by like 36 wks in case baby comes early...though I was still finalizing our nb stash the week ds2 was born...
Dappi's seem to be popular for the diaper pants and prowraps are probably a a good choice. I really like Thirsties Duo Wraps, and they come with snaps now (I haven't tried them yet, so can't speak as to fit until my order comes later this week). They cost more than other other suggestions, but I really like the gussets and fit and size adjustment.
Yes - plenty of people use prefolds & diaper pants. You can be successful! What kind of prefolds are you using? The Gerber ones or ones from Walmart or whatever aren't as absorbant as the diaper service quality (DSQ) ones you'll find at most cloth diapering stores. So if you are using a less absorbant prefold, you might need to use two or add some extra absorbancy with a doubler or even a folded washcloth in there! As far as the diaper pants, Dappi is a popular...
Yes - totally cute.
We are in sort of an in between stage ourselves, not quite solid, not ebf. I use liners when I think of it, but that's not always. It's not always ploppable. If it's a little I'll swish it and dump it in the pail I keep by the toilet (that's conveniently in the laundry room). If I can't swish it off, I just wash it as is. He doesn't eat a lot of solids, so it's small quanitites of poo at this point.
Hey mama! I live between Montrose and Flushing, so I'm pretty close. We're Christians, too! I'm thinking it's about time for a get-together!
We're at that in between phase right now where the poo is not really solid and not really ebf. Some days I use a flushable liner (when I remember), and sometimes I just wash as is. It's not like there's much I can really put into the toilet. If it's solid enough to plop off, I definately do. I don't use a diaper sprayer. For the most part, it all comes out clean. I'm also getting used to a new HE machine, so I'm not sure if the stains are because I haven't rinsed, or...
Ha! We still change at least once a night because baby is up to eat anyway and we figure we might as well. A sized-up sposie with a cover over top is a good idea. For the record, we always have had way more poop blow-outs with sposies than with cloth. We do well at night with a prefold and a doubler (either hemp or bamboo) and you might be able to wash your doublers with your regular laundry whenever you go to the laundrymat or whatever.
How old is your baby? Even fairly young, I had to use two inserts. The diapers need to be fairly snug. Could be the one-size diapers were just too big. Are they gappy around the legs? Where did they leak? Were the inserts soaked (need more absorbancy) or not really (like, did the pee escape before it had a chance to be absorbed)?
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