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I don't use a diaper service, but I was able to convince my mom and dh that prefolds aren't as hard as they look. Both were willing and thought it wasn't too hard. Yes, desitin can cause build-up on cloth dipes. I had success with squirting a little blue Dawn on mine, scrubbing with a toothbrush, rinsing in the sink then throwing in with the diapers and washing on hot hot hot until no more bubbles. Good luck!
Hmm. I would think the Thirsties duo wrap size one snapped down to the smallest size should fit. What size are your prefolds? I used nb until about 10 lbs, then infant from 10-15 lbs, but plenty of people use infant pf's from birth on. (GMD brand sizes are different, though) In general, sposies are much slimmer, so cloth can seem bulky, especially when they are so little, but like others have said, I also found it kept everything in better. If I had extra length I...
I think most of my dipes will hold on thru #2 but I was just thinking that when (if) #3 comes around, I'll have to pitch some of them. Also, my kids don't fit into one-size dipes as nb, so I need nb sizes anyway. My kids seem to stay in mediums foreeeeeever. ds1 never really needed larges (in most brands like Thirsties or Fuzzibunz) when he PL'ed at almost 3 yrs. old. My one-size dipes that look the best are my Tiny Tush, maybe Happy Heiney's, Fuzzibuns and the...
So my SIL delivered my new nephew by c/s on Tues this week, w/ pre-e and GD. Baby was released from hospital now, apparently her health is under control without meds so she really wants to bf. She was unable to do so for her dd1 b/c of her meds. Where they are at, there are very few people who bf (I've never seen anyone when we've been there!) and she has no one to help her. They baby won't latch on as he was given bottles in the hospital. I wish I were there to...
Yeah - my babe hates to be on his back. Singing works for us, too!
Funny poll - it's true it's spelled a lot of different ways! We are also Spanish speaking at our house, so it's certainly mamA for us, too!
I'd rather err on the side of having more than less, especially in those early days when you're trying to recover and get into a groove. I prefer to have at least 4 nb covers, probably 4-5 smalls and 3 dozen pf's... Relatively speaking, they don't cost that much and you can probably sell them here later!
I had it happen when my LO was younger - don't remember how old, but it got better as he got older. I know that's not really helpful. I would think just check her legs sometimes and adjust the position slightly if you can.
Get the size one Thirsties Duo Wrap. For us, that fit well up until about 15 lbs. We could squeeze him in it until 18 lbs, but at 15 lbs I started using the size 2. I would think you'd want the superbrite xs as well, but I haven't used it in that size. I didn't use the sandy's that early, but my thought is that it might be a smidge large at the beginning, but do-able.
Yes! I'm so excited to try the thirsties duo wrap with snaps - I love the velcro version!
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