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I had two in dipes for a while and the thing that surprised me was that even though I had enough diapers to wash every other day or every third day, all the diapers wouldn't fit if I waited that long! If I waited two days, the machine was too full for them to clean well. I could have gone every day & a half, but then I'd forget, so my best bet was to wash daily at first. We EC part time, so once we got to the point where baby wasn't using quite as many diapers, then...
I had small babes at birth and we did ok with Thirsties, but I had to change more often than 3 hours because he'd pee thru. I would suggest she try some doublers or doubling up the prefolds. I have some bamboo terry wipes I used as doublers for a long time. I love Jelly roll fold, too! And if I ever had any extra length I needed to fold down, I always did it in back to create an extra poo barrier back there.
We love our Thirsties, too.
I'm really happy with our meos, sandy's as well as the prefitteds I made. That's actually what I reach for first!
We had a little trouble with this even with our nb diapers. We have nb prefolds and Thirsties xs and duo wraps and they all were slightly big at first. We just kept tucking the diapers down to rest under the stump and it didn't seem to bother too much. Luckily, the stump fell off in only 5 days so it wasn't a big deal. Also our meconium only lasted a day or two, so that wasn't a biggie either. How wonderful for you! Enjoy that babe!
We use the new Thirsties Duo Diaper and love it. My ds2 has really chunk-o-love thighs. Their aio is now discontinued & on clearance at a lot of places and for us it was not absorbant enough by itself, we always had to add absorbancy into the pocket. I really like the Mother-ease aio - suprisingly absorbant and doesn't take any longer to dry than my prefolds, which is a plus with an aio!
I think any diaper/cover that is used and washed often has a limited lifespan. All my Thirsties are still going strong, but I have lots of styles of diapers and I rotate them all. I just think anything that gets used as heavily as we use cloth diapers is going to wear out sooner or later. Sounds like your washing routine is ok. I've heard a couple times people say that bac out or vinegar can cause problems with elastic, but plenty of people use them and don't have...
I was really surprised how much I loooooved prefolds when baby was little. They look more complicated than they are. Actually really fast, fit well and easy to care for. I have also been really happy with Thirsties Duo Wraps & Duo Diapers. They come in 2 sizes, rather than one, so they fit a nb and should go to PL'ing for most kids.
Quote: Originally Posted by Kmama2 Just recently its warmed up to the point where I feel ds might be hot in his onesie, footed pj's and sleep sack.... so I ditched the sleep sack and now I wrap him in a crocheted ( sp?) blanket. He is almost 6 months but I have been doing it since 5 months. I purposely picked a crocheted blanket because it has those holes in it so I don't think he could sufficate himself if he tried lol... He does play with it and eats it...
Just wanted to let everyone know that Giselle is giving away a baby carrier over on her blog! You just have to become a follower to have a chance at winning.
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