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Lol. So my other washer was leaking buckets onto the floor. Ugh. A friend tried to fix it a while back and couldn't so I went shopping today. Bought a frontloader - one of the GE models that was a top consumer reports customer pick. Hopefully I'll be happy with it and have clean diapers!
I like Thirsties, too.
I've heard it said that baby should be comfy wearing one more layer than you. So it might be a little much. I do like wool for that reason. Sounds like it would be hot but it breathes better.
I use many different types of diapers, both synthetic and non. I've had good luck with mother-ease. I like the MEOS and their all-in-one. The aio seems to clean well. It's not super thick, so it doesn't take really long to try. I thought that meant it might not hold a lot but I've actually never had a leak with it, and you can always add a doubler if you need the extra absorbancy. Same with the MEOS. Not super thick but you can add a doubler if you need it. I...
I really like my interlocks, too!
Super cute, mama!!!
I'm lousy at keeping up with this thread, but happy to read everyone's updates! Santiago is a little charmer. He always smiles at everyone. He's very attached to mama right now, which is both endearing and tiring at the same time. You know. He just started "crawling" forward this week. Well not crawling, really - it looks more like the breaststroke! He just learned to "cluck", too, which he thinks is totally funny and he looks so proud of himself. He...
Quote: Originally Posted by Galatea In general: wildly expensive, and a ton of work (40 hours.) Not something you can do half-buttocked or in "spare time." Web hosting can be very cheap, depending on features you need (we paid $13/month for our first year but are switching b/c we outgrew that cart.) Hopefully you can use your current computer and printer. If you are retailing, inventory is the big expense. Most retail businesses require you to...
I wish I knew, but I'm sort of contemplating selling as well. I haven't even talked to my husband yet, but my dad is sick and my kids are little, and I'm just not sure it's right for us right now. I'll keep checking back in hopes somebody can offer some info!
So, I'm always forgetting to clean these darn things. Now it's time to put them away and one of them is super musty smelling. Washing, soaking with vinegar, and setting in the sun hasn't worked. It still smells. Can I save this thing somehow or should I just pitch it?
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