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I've never heard of any way to fix them. Sorry. Sounds like you got a lousy deal.
I had two in dipes for a while. Yikes! I always washed together, but if I waited too long, the washer would be too full and the wouldn't get as clean. Just a heads up.
I really like the jelly roll fold that the first mama was talking about...
Sometimes singing works for us. But to be honest, I'm converting all my regular size pf's to prefitteds. I'm just too impatient and I love the way they fit. : )
It worked fine for us, but I have moved on ... I agree with the "if it ain't broke..."
They may continue to get more absorbant, but they will feel wet through after one pee. I agree that they will hold more, it's a matter of preference how often you change. Some people change after one pee, some people wait a little longer. Using a fleece liner helps wick moisture away so baby doesn't feel the wetness as much. If you wait toooo long, you will get leaks. Any cover is only as good as the absorbancy underneath. If the diaper is really wet but no leaking...
We dry all our stuff in the dryer. Including Dappi. Nothing here gets special treatment (except wool!). I always felt like the Dappi had a short rise, but I haven't used the smaller sizes. I really do prefer Thirsties. Fwiw, Thirsties medium tends to fit forever - my baby has been wearing it since 4 or 5 months and my older son still fit in it when he stopped wearing diapers at almost 3 years old. The fit of things definately changes as baby grows, so keep going...
I like Country Save, but I don't think you need to add it twice. I put about 1/3 scoop in with my cold rinse and that's it. Then I do my hot wash, then an extra hot rinse. I think rinsing with hot makes a big difference in making sure the detergent is fully rinsed out. try giving your babe a little nakey bum time - that usually clears up red for us fairly quickly.
Yes - my baby got stuck to the carpet yesterday via snappi.
mmmm. I finally convinced dh that we neeeeeeed chickens, so I hope we'll be joining you sometime in the near future!
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