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I've taken cloth camping once or twice and it was really no biggie. I don't think I had enough to last the whole time, so we used sposies toward the end. You'll just need to have more than one wetbag... but it can be done. I will confess though that usually when we are traveling more than a couple days, especially by plane, I almost always take sposies cuz I don't like carting around extra stuff. Either way works!
I'm really happy with my Thirsties Duos, as well. We used size 1 thru about 15 lbs, then switched to the size 2. My babe is pretty chunky and we don't get red marks (well, we did once or twice that I remember when we had them on overnight so it had been on a long time, and probably tight...) Wool (or fleece) is a nice option as far as being gentle on the legs, but it can be pricey.
yes - you use the soaker in place of a waterproof cover, over a pinned or snappied prefold or a fitted diaper. They work wonderfully! I rotated them with Thirsties (pul) covers, so it would be different quantity-wise if you were only using wool. I would guess you might want at least 4? In case a couple get poopy and you need to wash. After overnight or after washing, they do take a while to dry, so you want to have enough to be covered (ha ha)! I actually have...
Ditto everything said already. Bleach, boil then sun if possible - whatever your preferred method - and you should be good to go.
Oh yikes, mama! I would just keep an eye on her and if she seems to be her normal, healthy self, I'd say you're in the clear.
What's your washing routine? Detergent? Have you ever stripped your diapers? Don't give up yet - with a little troubleshooting, you should see some improvement. To strip my diapers, I scrub them with a little blue Dawn dish detergent and a toothbrush. Then I wash them on super super hot (I turn up the hot water heater, carefully!) and keep rinsing on hot until I don't see any more bubbles.
ha ha - just placed an order!
nak u bet if cotton! and it snappis like a dream.
Friends have told me to wear my ergo lower, way down on my hips, and say it feels very comfy for them. I prefer mine just lower than my natural waist, but not as low as my friends. I don't really think baby necessarily needs to be above the umbilicus in the ergo. I'd go for comfort, whereever that is...
A few tips in this thread
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