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I'm a physical therapist, but I'm no labor expert - but I would doubt it's labor if it is up higher. That area of your back (bra-strap zone) is really one of the points of your back that pays the price during pregnancy (well it all does . It's probably just the change in strain/position on your back because of the baby's size and position. It wouldn't hurt to call your practioner if it continues, but if that is your only symptom, I wouldn't tend to think **labor**.
As a physical therapist, I always think it's a good idea to see a practioner if you can (P.T., D.O. or chiro) - one that has experience with manual treatment/manipulation, but also experience with pre/post natal. If it is an alignment issue (very possible!), they can be an immense help! Like I said, I'm a P.T. and I still see someone (a D.O.) - to help me stay aligned. Huge help! (It's hard to "fix" yourself, even when you are experienced!) Good luck! I haven't...
I have never used the "green" disposibles, so I can't really compare that much for you. But as far as leak prevention and fit for us, pampers has always worked best when the baby is younger (with runnier poo). The cheaper ones (Walmart brand) are ok once the kid is older, but I can't go all night with them. We send my ds to one of our babysitters with sposies and he's fine with them, as long as she changes every couple hours. But even the pampers would leave us...
At the top of the diaper-making section, there is a link to a bunch of tutorials and patterns to make a variety of different styles of diapers. My personal favorite is a fitted (has elastic in legs and back, but still needs a cover), and I like to use bamboo or hemp for that, but you can make them from cotton you find around the house like flannel, old towels or t-shirts! Bamboo and hemp you can get online. Many people like wool covers and you can make those from old...
I've never heard of it, but if it's polyester it will probably work. If cotton, nope. Let us know!
That's great you are considering cloth! I'll try to answer as many questions as I can. : ) I don't use a diaper sprayer. For pocket style dipes (any with synthetic inner), the poop comes off pretty easily with a quick flick or swish in the toilet. When I use prefolds or fitteds, I often place a fleece or flushable liner in there to make clean up easier. Obviously, the flushable liners...you flush. Fleece liners just make poop cleanup easier because the poop flakes...
Looks like a pretty decent plan to me, Mama! It's true that you can always order more later if you feel you need them. With 2 in diapers (I'll be joining you in Aug), you'll have to wash more than average anyway. Even if you had enough diapers for 2 days, they may not all fit in the washer anyway (and still get clean). Good luck with everything and enjoy those babes! When are they coming again?
I agree with Mamashark. : )
Like PP said, Dawn can be really helpful, as can multiple rinses on really hot! When this happened to my friend, she stripped hers in the dishwasher.
I knew I was asking the right ladies. Thanks for the info! I'll hunt for some later.
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