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that would totally give me a thrill!  I love the older sewing and knitting supplies as they tend to be much higher quality and sometimes the needle packages have these cool graphics on them.  Nice find!
I am more of a yard sale person than thrift stores.  However, last night I was wondering around a Goodwill store I had never been to before and found a bread baking stone for $6 (new in box) and one of those angel chime Christmas things -- when the candles make the angels go around and hit the chimes -- for $2.  I had been wanting both things so I broke my no-spend spree and took them home with me. 
I took my kids to see The Hobbit too.  It was expensive.  But I was glad we did it : )    We usually wait and see movies at home, but it was totally worth it.  Otherwise continuing my no spend month.
I would start by finding out what you can expect in terms of severance arrangements.  You might try some political movement such as contacting your congressional reps to see if severance can be added back into the budget.  It is possible that authorizations to continue health ins or other aspects could be extended. However, you should probably consider going to the highest levels of frugality.  Cancel cable, cut electric use, only cook at home, etc.  Even the internet...
Too late for this year, but when yard sale season (and this could apply to thrift stores as well even at this time of year) arrives, keep the Christmas stocking issue in your mind.  I very frequently find great stocking gifts at yard sales for prices at .25 or .50 or $1.  One time I put a beautiful necklace in my daughter's stocking that was $1 at a yard sale; other things have been costume jeweltry for dress up when they were little, little craft kits that were probably...
I use chick peas all of the time as a substitute for chicken in things like chick-pea salad (chicken salad), chick pea-noodle casserole (tuna-noodle), in a pot pie instead of chicken, etc.  I often mash them up to make things.  My kids are vegetarian and sometimes these are good options.  Pot pie or a casserole is a cheap meal with lots of vegetables and a homemade white sauce made with milk make it a reasonably nutritious meal as well.
canned salmon is good for salmon burgers.  I also make a salmon salad - much like tuna salad - only for some reason I started adding pieces of apple to the salmon salad and I really like it like that.  I only buy the boneless canned salmon.  Once I got some that had lots of bones in it and that grossed me out. 
I always seem to be in a perpetual state of filling the pantry and using what is in there.  This week butter is on sale at the lowest price I have seen in ages and ages  It would be crazy not to buy some and rotate it into the freezer butter stores.  But that may well be the only food purchase for this week other than veg and milk (and milk for baking will come from the stash of dry milk powder). 
Thanks.  I wish that I could stop feeling guilty.  It is just so hard.  Good luck with your parenting journey.  It can get very intense but well worth it in the end.
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