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I read about moonmates and discovered that all 4 of my children were born within 2 days of the full moon or new moon. Alternating. Pretty cool! & that's even with induction for 2 who went over 2 weeks post date.
Congratulations! He's so adorable. Mine was also born at 41+2 & was 8lb 1oz.
Kian Stuart Clare was born naturally at the hospital on April 15 at 6:10am after 20 hours of early labour, 3 hours of active labour and 15 minutes of pushing. I labored under a hidden blood moon lunar eclipse & passed by a coyote staring at me at the side of the road on the drive to the hospital. He was born at 41wks + 2 days, was 8lb 1oz & 21 inches. He is our fourth child & our other kids are quite in love with him. I'm having trouble adding the photo... Will try again
My husband is an athiest so I do any observances privately. This year, however, I am very pregnant (due tomorrow!!) & find all my energy is going into this pregnancy, preparing for baby, and taking care of my other 3 kids. It had been a pretty unobservant lent for me. I was baptized 3 years ago so it's a special season but I just have to let it go for this year & know that this is a short period of my life & I can be more spiritually active once it passes.
Barefoot gypsy. Can you send me a private message with your email address? I should be able to invite you once I have your email address.
Sent me a message with your email address & I should be able to add you. Some of the members were worried about privacy within Facebook & it was switched back to private setting. We can still add people who want to join though, but you need to ask through this forum, not Facebook. Sorry for the hassle!
The group privacy has been changed so you can find it by searching for MDC April 2014 and Rainbow Baby Mamas. Come join the fun if you are on Facebook. It's very active & a great support.
I highly suggest looking for a LLL support group in your area of you have concerns and family history that worries you. Nursing on demand & not supplementing are the keys. I have filled out a bit (39 weeks, 4th pregnancy) but know most of it happens after the birth & then look out! Lol.
What a precious little one & a lovely photo. Congratulations mama!!!
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