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Hi! My name is Tricia and my second child is due Aug 22. First child is my four year old boy. :) Congratulations on your pregnancies ladies! I'll start poking around now. ;)
I've been missing the chatter in here ladies! I hope you're all well. s to you BaBaBa. I can definitely relate to some of your feelings! I hope your ghost / rat is gone SW! So DP got in ANOTHER accident. This time on his motorcycle. Although he's ok, he's in much worse shape than he was post car accident. DS is using his imagination much more these days and is playing much more independently as a result. It's nice to have more time, but I've yet to get used to it and...
Hi Mamas! Happy Thanksgiving BaBaBa and any other Canadian mamas among us. I'm getting my Canadian family (dual citizens) together tomorrow for a vegan feast. Quote: Originally Posted by spiderdust *crawls in* *finds a nice comfy spot* *naps* I hope you're getting some much needed and deserved rest! Quote: Originally Posted by simplespirit Good Morning, my friends! I have been battling this cold for weeks now, and...
Quote: Originally Posted by majikfaerie funny, you invite yourself and then you back out. well, so far no one knows what I mean by DPM and DPF. maybe i'll stick with DH and DW. i dunno. Hahaha, yes, just fantasy - wishful thinking. But I am hoping to manifest destiny that way! DH and DW work too!
Quote: Originally Posted by majikfaerie hell yeah! you can sooooo stay with us! : yep. GF is DP2. though I'm thinking DPM and DPF, rather than numbering I was totally going to suggest that! I so wish I could take you up on my self-invite. Some day maybe!
We just got a new Dyson Absolute DC 17. I am so thrilled with it! So excited that I had to hunt down this forum to share. It works better than any vacuum I've ever used, and it was pretty nasty to see what our old vacuum cleaner had just recently missed. So I'm happy to have healthier carpets and air around here. It's also very easy to clean and maneuver. Yay!:
Quote: Originally Posted by majikfaerie wow! I've not been on mdc at all today! something must be up. oh yeah! i'm in : GF is now officially upgraded to DP. only now i'll have to struggle with having a DP1 and DP2. hmmm SD sorry you were a bit sick. take your rest while you can! and feel better mommoo, wanna lend me that vaccuum?? we could so use one around here. though we only have a tiny bit of carpet, it wouldn't be worthy to buy...
It seems as though our bodies always find a way to force rest upon us when we need it most! Glad you're feeling a bit better about everything now SD. My news - got a brand new Dyson vacuum cleaner today! I'm so excited! We tested it in a small spot on the floor and it was really disgusting how much our old one missed. It pulled up so much dust and dirt. Yuck!
No big plans over here this weekend. It's raining, and supposed to stay that way for a while. Time to get some rain gear. I've been putting it off, in denial I suppose.
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