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I would love to find one too!
My daughter weaned herself between 2.5 and 3 and only weighs currently 27 lbs. She is 3.5 now. She weighed 8 lbs 9 ozs at birth. She is going to be 10 before she weighs 44 lbs. I am pregnant and due in 6 weeks, and hope that is not the case. I can't imagine bf a kid until they weigh almost 50 lbs!!
I am now 16.5 weeks, and am convinced that there are two. We refer to babies, my 3year old dd kisses my belly twice, and I have been feeling them move since 10.5 weeks. My grandmother miscarried twin boys, and I have multiple sets on my mothers side. My mother in law had fraternal twins, and she is even telling me its twins. Although we have decided not to have a sonogram, we are curious how we can find out if there is more than one in there?? Does anyone know?? With...
I am just clueless. I would like a home birth, but need someone close. I live in Ft. Worth Tx. Anyone willing to reference anyone in detail. Had a reeeaaaalll bad experience with my last hospital delivery with a nurse midwife. (Beware Susan Storry) by the way!!!! Can anyone give me great reference to a great midwife?? Thank you, bj
That's great. Right now I am the black sheep for being totally non vaxed in my family. Noone even listens when I talk about bfeeding. i was kind of hoping something else would come along that everyone would listen to. Sometimes I just can't believe how often I am ignored!!!!
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