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Is anyone planning to attend an event tomorrow? I want to but I can only go if I take my 2 year old with me and I'm not sure I want to do that. I've participated in protests pre-baby so I know they are  safe but I'm worried about my kid seeing people yell and that it will upset him. Would love to hear what others think.
Did your child seem immature compared to other kids their age? My son just turned 2 and he's been slow to develop his language skills but I haven't worried because he's steadily gaining new words and seems to understand everything spoken to him. The thing that does worry me is that he seems so much younger than kids his age. I think the other kids seem more mature because they can say more but I'm not sure. Did anyone else feel this way about their late talker and did...
My son is clean. I bathe him every night and wipe him down well after playing outside and meals. It doesn't feel like any big effort--maybe my kid doesn't get that dirty??    
I wondered about this same thing when my son was about your twins' age. He ate 3 largish meals and never snacked except for milk between naps. I wondered if this was normal because you always hear about toddlers snacking and not eating regular meals.   Now that my son is 21 months and naps only once a day, he definitely needs his snacks. He still eats pretty solid 3 meals a day but I find that he gets cranky before lunch and dinner if he hasn't had a little something...
My son's naps got wonky at 15 months and I was convinced he was transitioning to one nap but then he went back to 2 solid naps until a couple of weeks ago (at 19 months).  One nap happens more regularly than 2 these days but it's still very unpredictable. I imagine it will take a few more weeks before he's 100% one nap. He was older than most when he dropped from 3 to 2 naps so I guess this is just his pattern.
It's started at our house this week too! My son is just a few days older than yours, OP, and he's suddenly very opinionated and hot tempered. I mean red faced and shaking his fists at the most random things. It's so weird because my little guy is usually so happy and agreeable. Like BellyBean's DD, it doesn't help that he's dropping to one nap so dinner/bedtime have been esp. rough lately. I'm just trying to roll with it and do the "cave man" talking from the Happiest...
Mommy212, do you mind posting your recipe for frozen mini meatloafs? These sound great!
This is not CIO. I happily rocked my son to sleep for every nap and bedtime and would still do it if he let me. But at around the same age, he simply refused to let me rock him anymore. I was at a loss for what to do but ended up putting him in his crib and let him watch his aquarium  (lights and music box) until he fell asleep. He definitely protested some and we did some butt patting too, but he calmed down very quickly and now he goes to sleep very happily by...
We have a Burley and love it. My husband runs a bike shop and says the Burley has the same features as the Chariot but costs a lot less.
My son is good for 4 poops a day. He's in the 95th percentile for height and 75th for weight so I don't think weight is a factor. I asked my ped about it and he just laughed and said while it's not common, it's totally normal.   I'm curious about how this might affect potty training tho. Will it make it more difficult when they poop so often?
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