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Are you wearing an underwire bra? If so, try going wire free. I had that once, and was actually a benign tumor. I had it removed and pain was gone. Maybe do a thorough check.
I'm trying to work on self-soothing, 11 weeks here. I don't know that there's a right age to start, it's just a matter of starting out slow. If she's awake but not crying, try leaving her for a minute, then slowly increase the time and see if she'll eventually fall back asleep without getting upset. Little ones this young still need to feed overnight, so stick with her 430 feeding still, but for other times try to see if she'll go back to sleep. sometimes I notice my lo...
When I'm nursing Eleanor during the night and she falls asleep but is still suckling a bit, I keep her on the breast as I slowly lower her into the crib, as she touches the mattress, she pops off me, and I slip away. Usually works. If not, I leave the room for a minute and she falls asleep without the distraction of seeing me. Sometimes she's so overstimulated at bedtime that even nursing is a distraction
I don't have a beco, but with my ssc, the baby's feet wiggle between me and the waistband; at a certain age, at least by 6 months, their legs are big enough to hand out the sides of the carrier. I think it's a natural reflex for them to push their legs legs down when their feet hit something, so it's kinda inevitable, no matter how tight the waistband! My carrier doesn't have an insert; her legs are just kinda splayed and froggied.
No. And for good reason. In order for a baby to face forward, their legs need to hang straight down, and this is done by only having a small strip of fabric between the legs... this means all the baby's weight is on the crotch, hence the bjorns nickname "crotch dangler". I had one with my first babe, and his legs would turn purple in it. A the ergo and the like are inward only, but it's a wide seat so baby's weight is dispersed all along their bottom and thighs. Also,...
Can you leave at a time of day that she's sleepy, or keep her up and awake for several hours before you leave. Try opening the car window nearest her. Attach a toy to the carseat handle, maybe one that moves or makes noise.
You're giving great advice I think. You bring up a good point.. sometimes my girl is frantically thrashing her head back and forth when I'm trying to feed her, I used to think it meant she was so hungry or couldn't latch, but really it means she's tired. I just lay her down and 2 seconds later she's passed out. Sometimes a paci and a swaddled do it too. Sometimes we overanalyze the feeding, but really there's something else they want.
Green poop is normal with formula. We do both, and sometimes her messy diaper literally is half green and half seedy mustard.We have been using avent naturals but like you I was thinking she was sucking too much air. Using the Dr Brown's now and she's much quieter while eating, and calmer. They're a pain to clean though.I haven't read all your history, but have you tried nursing first then the formula after? That would help you experience a letdown and empty out more each...
Sounds strange, but I noticed my two month old girl has yellow crusties on both nipples.. it's new, so I don't think it's a residual newborn thing. It just concerned me since I leaked colostrum when I was younger and ended up because a pituitary tumor caused higher prolactin levels. I hoping this is is just a normal baby thing though.
[quote name="Greenlea" url="/community/t/1384396/june-chat-thread/20#po. If you're going to do cereal I would wait until at least 4-5 mths if not 6 mths. And honestly, I would skip cereal all together. Its nutrition-less "cardboard" that does nothing for them. Go right into regular purees / finger foods when you want to start solids. [/quote] jennjenn, Ds 2's first was at six months and it was avocado.. mushy, nutritious, easy, and to this day guacamole is one of his...
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