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Oh yes. Starting when she was barely a week. I've been a sahm for 6 years now and my mental health wears thin if I do not get periodic breaks with no kids, even if it's a quick 15 minute run to the drugstore, I just need it without lugging around 3 kiddos too. The longest I've been away from the babe is only 3 hours to visit someone in the hospital, and of course dh had to call and tell me she's been screaming the whole time. Talk about feeling helpless when you can't...
What are you wearing? I've found a sport bra rather than a 2 cup helps keep pads in place place as your size fluctuates during the night, and try a disposable nursing pads if you're doing cloth now. Just line up like 4 of them overlapping. 2 months is usually when it starts to calm a bit.
Eleanor is 2 months tomorrow... can't believe it! She's in 3-6 month clothes. Even a few 6 month items. I love finally having a girl and I'm totally guilty of dressing her up every day as if she's a little doll. She wears a dress and matching bloomers even if we're hanging at home all day. We're using disposables, and she's moving on to size 2 now!She's smiling a bit too. Even in the middle of the night in the dark, when I walked up to her she smiled... so sweet that I...
I agree that's a question for the professionals. But for myself I also noticed something weird bulging out in there,, but it pretty much went back to normal by my 6 week check up so I forgot to even mention it.
Hmm, if that were me I'd check in with my care provider about about it... that seems like a lot still. Especially if it's still bright red. It should be tapering and change to brown, pink, yellowish white.As for me, heavy bleeding was done at 2 weeks, but it's back again at 8 weeks now, I attribute to either having an IUD placed last week, or my first postpartum period.
I took Tylenol beforehand too. My midwife said I looked nervous (perhaps when I saw the lineup of tools and an extra nurse come in the room.. didn't realize it was that involved) so she gave me a local. Actually didn't even feel the shot. Didn't have any pain or cramps. This is my first iud and I feel weird about it, so still using condoms til dh has the big V.
Congrats!!! What a relief for you!
Just as important for them as milk is a sane and healthy mama... if giving them a bottle of formula is what it takes for you to be able to care for yourself, then by all means go for it and don't feel guilty... you've got to be taking care of yourself too. It can turn into a vicious cycle as not taking time for your own needs can diminish your supply too. Of course nursing and breast milk is best, but at what expense... I supplement with bottles too. I can't always sit...
My night sweats were pretty bad for a while.frustrating because I was cold yet sweating. I can only manage to shower in the evening too when the kids are asleep so I just feel gross 22 hours of the day.
My babes usually come clean if I wash her hands under running water. I keep them trimmed short too.
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