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Ugh I need to start now.... Lol
Um ok so I am not going to be getting most of this finished. Dh and I both bought ourselves gifts on black friday. He bought himself a gun cabinet and a gun and he brought home a brand new singer sew mate for me!!!! So I will not be making him his gifts right now so I can focus more on the kids gifts. We also bought them a few things on Black friday so I wont be so stressed to get this all finished in time. :) So my revised list is this: DD: Dolly diapers       Doll...
Thanks for the ideas! I made the fishing pole & fish  last year for them. Of course I think they have broke the poles since then so I need to make another one. I think I settled on a pirate hook,hat,and eyepatch for him. He LOVES pirates and robots and this was the easier of the two lol.  I want to make a carmat as well but it did not make the cut this year since I am already behind. I think I will save that for a birthday gift.  
I have a huge list. DD: Dolly clothes       Dolly Diapers & wipes       Dolly diaper bag       Superhero cape       Felt dress up dolls       Wooden Doll cradle       ODS       toy horseshoe set w/ Felt beanbag horseshoes      Pillow Shield       Wallet       Bandolier Dart Holder       Toy tool belt       Wooden shaving razor       Wooden sword YDS      Pillow Shield       Wallet       Bandolier Dart Holder       Toy tool belt       Wooden...
I need to make a list. I gotta start on this now or else I will be coming up short on time like last year. I made a facebook group for sharing if anyone is interested in joining. https://www.facebook.com/groups/457897930910169/  
Ok here are some ideas for guys, I thought these were neat. DH is not a star wars guy but Im sure some of yours might be?   Star Wars kit messenger bag Root beer sampler    Now I just need to figure out what I can make for DH because he does not care for either of those! He is so complicated!!! Any ideas?
I came across this blog and I will warn you its so cute and has lot and lots of tutorials that you will spend way to much time looking at it all. If you have a girl that you are crafting for then this will give you tons of ideas! Blog
homemadebyjill.blogspot.com and sewmamasew.com
I wanna sew a topsy turvy doll for DD for Christmas. I would like to see some photos of your handmade ones!!!   Anyone wanna share?
I want to try that! I love rag rugs and my favorite one from my grandma bit the dust a few years ago. :( I am gonna look into this. How long did it take you to do this much?
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