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In what way are the trust funds distributed? Into your shared accounts, where you both decide how to spend the money? If so, I can understand your family's rationale and think DH is out of line. If the funds are distributed to you personally, for your independent discretionary use, than I think he has a legitimate belief.   As an aside, you and DH should be doing a better job of preparing for your retirement. If you were to divorce or if he were to die, you would in fact...
Toilet and toilet. It is the only place I can labor. The birthing tub was of no interest to me.
If you expect her to return to school within a year or two, I think you might reconsider taking her out. First grade solidifies writing and reading and second grade is heavily dependent on it. LO is in first grade now at a public charter with a very strong reading and writing program. They write daily and have written book reports, and a variety of books using nonfiction resources. Only about 1/4 of his class of K wasn't reading and now everyone is reading and writing well...
We love our radians. Our four year old still occasionally complains about being forward facing." What am I supposed to do with my legs?"
I try . It is never enough. Mostly food security organizations, health care and planned parenthood, personal connections.
It is only going to get worse. The drought is awful in California. It hasn't made a difference here yet (Southern Califorina) but it will.
With my first I was fully dilated for five hours. I had a epidural at 6 and dilated to 10 within 30 minutes but but the baby did not descend. Way up there. Some serious weirdness. Luckily I got the liberal midwife at the hospital I was delivering at and she just "let me" wait. Baby eventually descended and I gave birth vaginally. My midwife thought I had a maladjusted pelvis. Water broke before labor. No distress. Posterior.   With my second I saw a chiro who flipped my...
Breakfast for dinner is amusing to a lot of kids.
preschool + part time job, even if it is low paying + paid housekeeper
A paralegal certificate is no longer enough in many states so you might not find your skills are portable.    I only have experience in an urban market at top level law firm. The paralegals are highly valued, well compensated, and well paid. They work long hours with unpredictable schedules.  It would be really hard to balance the hours with children if you are the primary caregiver. None of these thing might be true in a different market.    Our paralegals don't do a...
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