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With my first I was fully dilated for five hours. I had a epidural at 6 and dilated to 10 within 30 minutes but but the baby did not descend. Way up there. Some serious weirdness. Luckily I got the liberal midwife at the hospital I was delivering at and she just "let me" wait. Baby eventually descended and I gave birth vaginally. My midwife thought I had a maladjusted pelvis. Water broke before labor. No distress. Posterior.   With my second I saw a chiro who flipped my...
Breakfast for dinner is amusing to a lot of kids.
preschool + part time job, even if it is low paying + paid housekeeper
A paralegal certificate is no longer enough in many states so you might not find your skills are portable.    I only have experience in an urban market at top level law firm. The paralegals are highly valued, well compensated, and well paid. They work long hours with unpredictable schedules.  It would be really hard to balance the hours with children if you are the primary caregiver. None of these thing might be true in a different market.    Our paralegals don't do a...
They do just fine. Ds (almost 7) has never watched tv in any quantity, perhaps 2 hours a year. When we see family they play. He is in first grade now and picks up a bit from books or comic books (Ninjago / superheroes) and just saw a movie for the first this year. We choose to take him to the Lego movie (too intense, left). It hasn't been an issue at all for him. (heh and he can also draw for six hours straight and just finished reading the first Harry Potter novel). Ds...
Maybe switch detergents? I've had had very good luck with Charlie's Soap and FB. Rockin Green works well too.
Weekly. And I still feel our house is still dirty all the time. All bleach, all the time. But we use natural cleaners ourselves. Oddly enough the weekly bleaching doesn't really bother me, other than wondering if it is unethical for her health.    I still spend half my nap time cleaning daily.   No laundry service though. Family of 5 and one in cloth diapers just adds up. 
I'd donate them. They have another functional life overseas. 
I am so, so sorry.
Contactmaya- for what it is worth both of my nephews were huge kids with language delays and ridiculous redshirting, they weren't even young for their class. They were also socially awkward and very little contact with kids outside their small church. My nephew turned 19 six months before he started his senior year. Being small with language delays can be bad. Being huge with a language delay is just awful. Constant constant fighting. 
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