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I do this, but it isn't to ask my child's permission.  It's just easier to say "okay?" than "do you hear and understand me?"  They know what I mean, and if they ever replied like that, I guess I'd have bigger problems than ending my request with "okay". 
Sometimes hardware stores carry washing soda.  I get mine at Ace.
I skimmed through this thread and I don't think anybody has mentioned Yahoo Groups. That's where I found the homeschool groups that I belong to, so maybe you'd have some luck there?
If you're using cloth diapers, the diapers can have yeast in them, and regular washing and drying won't kill it. You have to boil them to kill the yeast. My son's rash went away only after boiling all of his diapers.
I'm sorry, that sounds really difficult. What if you helped her through her chores? Even if she knows how to do them herself, maybe a parent helping with a positive attitude will help her feel less negative about it?
Thanks for doing this bigeyes.
Quote: Originally Posted by bigeyes He's a little closed off. He doesn't care as much as you do. How invested are you? Ugh. I'm in love with him. I feel like I already knew the answer though. So will I be able to get over it and still be friends with him? Or do I need to stop all contact to get over him?
Does he care about me?
I'm logged in, and there's an ad in this post.
We saw the Wiggles a couple of years ago and had a great time. I love their energy and their music is catchy enough that it keeps me entertained.
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