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I am totally healed. My SPD was insanely painful the first night after birth, I felt like I broke my crotch and could barely move. Fortunately it was much better the next day and now at 4 weeks PP it doesn't hurt at all. I didn't tear and had no visible abrasions but it did burn to pee for the first week. My hemorrhoids were insanely big but they went down. No sex obviously, but I have done things solo and it felt fine. (I've also been having sex dreams in which I O and...
Yay!! Congratulations!!! I hope you recover quickly and smoothly! Can't wait for pics. :)
HoP, a couple of mine would only poop once a week (or longer). And they would always be blowouts! Both of the kiddos that did that now poop every day. 
Each of my babies passed meconium before birth and there were never any issues. My fourth baby had a lot, my midwife estimated he passed it a couple weeks before birth. His skin, cord, placenta and the membranes were stained. He had no issues whatsoever. With that being my experience, I wouldn't worry about or transfer over meconium, but that's just me.
Removed for privacy. :)
Awesome thread!!! A few months ago I became a single Mama to my five kiddos.    What I love...   Not seeing my children punched, kicked, slapped, pushed, bloodied - all in the name of "discipline". My children and I no longer living in fear or always being on edge. No more holes in the walls, or broken possessions. My kids not being walked over (literally!) because they were "in his way". No longer hearing about how fat/ugly/gross I am and no longer being...
Lydia was like this a lot earlier on (she'll be 3 weeks on Sunday). It was tough. She would act frantically hungry and the latch/unlatch/not really nurse. I think she just wanted the comfort nursing without the milk. She worked through the worst of it on her own and after we got through it I introduced a paci, which I try to use it as little as possible. I save it for the times when she really wants to comfort nurse but gets angry when I let down.
Lydia also had a tough time with diaper changes in the first week. What helped a lot was changing her on her blanket and wrapping the upper half of her body during the change.
I used my binder a lot in the first week but haven't since then. It was great and helped my stomach a lot, but I got tired of feeling so restricted. I'm the type that likes to feel "free" so the binder was tough for me. I am also hating that I have to wear a bra all the time. I gained around 35 and have lost 25 and have 30ish more to lose to get back to my normal, ideal weight (I started Lydia's pregnancy about 20 lbs above my normal weight). I also feel really fat and...
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