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ELVs Buko!!!! Can't wait to hear an update!! :D
She is so precious!!!     Pics removed for privacy. :)
You poor things!! I hope things get better for you soon and that the tummy bug passes quickly! 
I've never had an issue with swelling PP but this time I have. A couple nights ago I noticed I actually had pitting edema in my legs. :/ So yesterday I drank a lot more water and I think I peed off a lot of the retained water. My legs look normal today!   ETA: I weighed myself this morning and lost 4 lbs since yesterday, so I definitely let go of some of the water I've been retaining!
Congratulations!! I hope your recovery is smooth. You did well, Mama!
8 days old now!   How are your babies doing?   Lydia is doing great! She nurses well, sleeps well, is growing well and is a very calm, chill baby. I've never had a calm, chill baby so this is a treat. ;)     How is breastfeeding going?   It is going really well. I'm still a little sore and she has a shallow latch, but most of the time I can get her to latch pretty well and it doesn't hurt too much. My supply is great and overall she seems very satisfied...
Congratulations!! I'm thrilled that you got the birth you so desired! 
I'm glad things are going so well, Holly!! I can't wait for smiles and coos! :D   I haven't seen him at all since I left and haven't talked to him since Jan 2nd (only communication has been through email). He found out about the baby from someone who didn't realize I wasn't telling him yet and has been contacting us like crazy, but it is all going unanswered. He hasn't changed a bit and I don't need him in my life right now.   As for me, I'm 8 days PP now and...
Wonderful birth story and wow, is she adorable!!!
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