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Congrats!!! She is beautiful!!
Congratulations on your beautiful little guy! So glad everything turned out well!
I exercised very little during pregnancy. After 5 babies in 6 years, I'm worn out and planning on taking it easy for a while. I might start working out a little on an elliptical in a couple months.
She is beautiful, congrats!!!
Thanks for the kind comments, ladies!
She is gorgeous!! I'm so happy you got to have the birth you wanted and in her time! How lovely that your hubby was so great and supportive! Enjoy that baby and I hope you heal quickly! 
I had planned on freezing chunks for smoothies, but now don't have much of an interest. And while my family was fully on board with the homebirth and were totally active participants in that, I think they would be traumatized if they saw me consuming my placenta.  So, it is currently in the freezer awaiting warmer weather to bury it. I considered throwing it away, but the thought makes me sad, so burial it is. :)
I was planning on binding from the beginning and then my circumstances changed and I didn't really have the money for one.. Well, I found out today that my Mom has one from the last c-section she had. So I can belly bind after all and I'm excited! It feels really nice to have it on, today my abs were starting to bother me. I have diastasis recti and I'm really hoping the binding helps.
Thank you ladies!!! 
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