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Congrats, Mama!!!!
Do you feel comfortable with/ are you happy with your birth experience?   Yes, it was amazing!!! I am still in shock at how fast it was, but I am so happy it was. After going through all I've gone through this pregnancy, I think this birth was just what I needed. I love that it was me and my Mom and sisters and it was really a beautiful ending to have my Mom catch my baby. Getting all weepy writing about it! I too never really went into laborland, but was pretty with...
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I started having stronger BHs at 36 weeks and didn't have her till 40 weeks. I believe all that early work helped her labor go so quickly, but it didn't make her come early.
He's so sweet and big!! Congrats!! :D
Can't wait to see more babies and birth stories!!! :D   I am doing pretty well. Lydia slept through the night, other than nursing once. She nurses frequently during the day, and my nipples are a little sore, but that's ok. I'm hoping my milk will come in soon and it seems like it might be starting to. Right now my siblings have her and are playing pass the baby while I rest in bed. :) I am sore and have hemorrhoids from heck, but I can't complain! Just happy to have...
YAY!!! Congratulations, Mama!!!
Thank you everyone, all your comments made me tear up!!!    HoP, yes, her size and my nutrition was something I was really worried about so it is so relieving that she's a nice chunky girl! 
Congratulations!!! They are beautiful and you amaze me!!!
Removed by author for privacy reasons. :)
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