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Lydia Jane arrived this evening after a nice short labor. I called my midwife at 6:20 and Lydia came at 8:12. :) She's 8 lbs even and we are both doing well! I will post pics and a story after some rest.
I have been contracting all day and finally went on a walk to try to get them to pick up (they were just staying like strong BHs) and since the walk things have changed. They are definitely intensifying and feel real now. It certainly feels like labor but the part of my brain that thinks I'll be pregnant forever is refusing to believe it's real. ;)
Yay Kelly Beth!!!! Hopefully we are seeing baby pics and a birth story soon!!    I woke up to lots of MP and an effacing cervix. I think things may be starting! Ctx are mild.
You look beyond amazing!! I'm so jealous!! :D
Good luck!!! 
Yay, congratulations!!! He  is lovely!
Yay Jean!!!!! So excited for you!   I lost my MP a little bit ago, a very thick blob of tan jelly. I've also been having strong BHs since yesterday morning. Hopefully soon!
He is so cute, congratulations!!!
I wouldn't. 36.5ish weeks is probably the earliest I'd stay home. I make tiny babies and have had a 38-weeker; he was just fine but did have some trouble getting going breathing-wise. I imagine things wouldn't have looked good for him if he came 2.5 weeks earlier.
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