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Congratulations, he is adorable!!!
Wow, what a birth story! Good job and congrats!!!!
Yay!!! Can't wait to hear the birth story and see pictures! Good luck Mama, will be thinking of you!
Congrats again and thank you for sharing your birth story! My second baby's birth was much like this, intensely painful from early on then really fast pushing. It was sooo tough, I can certainly sympathize. *Hugs* Hope your recovery is quick and easy. And I love the pic - beautiful!
39+2 here.   I've had lots of prodromal labor, but no baby yet. I even had real contractions throughout the night Sat. night but they stopped which is a first for me (new moon effect maybe?). For me, once real labor ctx start that means I'm having a baby. I am tired and worn out and ready to not be pregnant, so I'm hoping baby doesn't wait too much longer. I've been pregnant and/or nursing since Feb. of 2007, so I'm ready for a little break. ;)
 Hope it's soon for you ladies!! I'm 39+1 and hoping I don't have to join this club, lol! My babies were all born at 38-40 weeks, but I've had a feeling this one is going to be later.
Congratulations on your lovely little boy!! Sounds like a wonderful birth, I am so happy for you!
Congratulations, Rach!!!!! 
Congrats!! He is too cute!!
Congratulations!!! Beautiful!!!
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