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I am so excited for you, congrats Mama!!!!! You're amazing!!! Can't wait for pictures of that beautiful little guy!
He is beautiful, Mama! Well done!
I am not hoping to go late, but I understand why some of you ladies are. *Hugs*
Congratulations!!!!! Love her name!   Babies!!!! Yay! 
Congratulations!!!!! Can't wait for pics and a story! So happy for you! 
I don't have any advice regarding induction but wanted to say good luck, you will be in my thoughts!
Congrats on your little girl! I hope you heal quickly!
Buko, I'm so sorry!!! That sucks big time!   I wish I could get to a chiro but have no money for one right now. :/ I majorly messed up my pelvis yesterday (I did the miles circuit which included some squats and lunges, against my better judgement!) and could barely walk. Fortunately I am feeling much better today.
Oh, I hope you're better soon!! I got the flu for a week at the end of my last pregnancy and it was horrific. I was only better for 4ish days before going into labor, still was really weak. Hopefully it is quick for you!
She is beautiful!! Good job, Mama!
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