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Congratulations, it sounds like it was an awesome birth!!
  Ugh, that stinks!! I'm so sorry!!
I have just felt like crud today, anyone else? I'm nauseous, no appetite and even when I'm hungry food just isn't agreeing with me. My pubic bones feel like they're splitting, I lost some MP and had 5 BMs (the frequent BMs are killing my hemorrhoids!), so maybe something is happening. Although, at this point it just feels like I will be pregnant forever. 
Congrats, how awesome!!!! Can't wait for details and pics, but do what's most important now, cuddle and rest! 
  Oh my, this was totally me during the night!! I still feel sick and full at 8 this morning. :/ It seems like I just didn't digest my dinner. Yuck!
Brambleberry, so excited for you!!!! Good luck, Mama!!   Loveandgarbage, same here. Poopy and crampy, but I feel like it'll be months till birth, lol!
Congrats on your precious twins!!! I'm so sorry things had to be so traumatic, sending peaceful and healing vibes your way. Hugs!!!
I wish! I have BHs and also have ones that feel more real, as in, I feel them in my cervix. 
No man = no babies, lol!! I am looking forward to a big long break, tbh!
How many weeks are you now?   37+2   Having new symptoms or annoyances?   If I'm not having several BMs a day, then I feel like I have to and can't go. I know it must be pressure from the baby's head, but it sure is annoying. Trying to fall asleep through prodromal labor at night is annoying too!   What's making you smile this week?   The baby's movement. :)   Are you getting some early labour signs?   Yup! Cramping, contractions, pressure.. I...
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