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Thanks for the comments ladies! You are right philosoikou, I don't feel good. I don't feel good (physically and emotionally) when I gain so much. I feel sluggish, achey, tired. I know some women just gain a lot, but I know my gain is because of my overeating. The problem with adopting stricter dietary rules (which I don't have a problem with within healthy means) is that I am worried I will become obsessed with every little thing I put in my mouth. Right now...
Yay, good for you!
As a teen I was overweight (major overeating issues) was able to overcome some of my issues for the most part, lost the weight and have kept it off for quite some time. For some reason my overeating issues come flooding back during pregnancy and I have an extremely hard time exercising self-control and eating the proper amount of food. I gained about 55 lbs with my first two and I've gained around 20 lbs this time at 21 weeks. I am fed up! I don't want to gain 55...
You did the right thing. They were parked illegally. I would've done the same!
DH is almost 30 and I'm 21. We get surprised looks from time to time, but it doesn't bother us. I tease DH sometimes about robbing the cradle and honestly, he seems kind of proud of getting a youngin'. We get comments all. the. time. about our family size. By the time this baby is born, it'll be our third in 29 months. I am now going to start asking people if I should call them up and get their permission when I want to have another. They seem to think they have some...
Yes, these things would bother me! Sounds like he's interested in you and trying to let you know. You may not be in danger, but if this bothers you, that's all that matters. Trust your instincts and get out.
With my dd ds was present at the birth and throughout the labor (he was 14 months old). He was clueless and my noises didn't bother him. For the actual pushing he went in his playpen maybe 6 feet from me and came out immediately after birth. I'm so glad he was there - he was entertaining to us all. And I remember feeding him mac and cheese during contractions. I plan on having him and dd at this birth. (They'll be 29 months and 15 months.)
I labored in our tub a bit with DS, but it did nothing for me. It just wasn't deep enough. With this baby I will be using our whirlpool tub which is nice and big and has jets (didn't have this tub for baby #1 or #2).
I hope everything is going well for you!
I live right by an airport and in a flight path. When a large plane flies over, about 10-20 seconds afterward we'll hear a whipping noise and a rush of air and then the trees start shaking and waving in the wind (the plane acts as a vacuum with the air). What you are describing also sounds like a bird hitting the window (it can be loud!) but why would a bird be flying into the window at night??
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