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Baby #1 was born via cesarean after a rushed, failed induction due to PIH/pre-e. Baby #2 was a home waterbirth VBAC. Baby #3 was also a home waterbirth VBAC.    
I though boy with my older two. They are girls. I thought boy for #3 so I figured it must be a girl too. We had a girl name picked out but I wanted a boy name just in case. For weeks we searched for a boy name we could agree on and came up with nothing. We were surprised to find the baby was a boy! It took us 6 days to name him. I have a 0% success rate too. Enjoy your surprises!!
Are his lips out? I had the same problem and my friend saw he was pursing his lips in. I started pulling both top and bottom lip out and it helped relieve some of the pain. I didn't unlatch and relatch a bad latch, I would just pull out his lips after the latch. I had blood blisters and the latching and relatching hurt too much. They are healing and his latch is getting better, he's 2.5 weeks now.
Lots of love to you and your sweet baby girl.
YOU ARE DOING A WONDERFUL JOB!!! I'm serious. It sounds like you have figured things out. Baby will let you know if you are doing something wrong. And what works for one mom/babe does not necessarily work for another. Enjoy your babymoon!!
I was due 7/31 and had a boy (8/6).
Baby Boy is here! Born August 6th @ 715am - 40 weeks 6 days 7 pounds 14 ounces 21.5 inches
Good luck, contracting mamas! I hope things pick up and bring your babies out!   I've got a little bloody show. I've been contracting off and on today, nothing like yesterday though. Hopefully this is FINALLY the beginning of the end...? I know it could be hours, days, weeks even, but I'M READY NOW.
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